Monday, July 25, 2011

A Semester in Pictures and Quotes

"I'm sorry, do you have the speaking conch?? I didn't think so. I have the speaking conch."

Theory Penguin.
Oh the things that happen at 745 in the morning.
"So, when you have this chord, one V goes up, and the other goes's like in Harry Potter, when you make a Horcrux? You split the "sol.""
"Do you guys know this melody?? It's the main theme from the newest Star Trek film!"

A tribute to :
All of the crazy nights spent driving around in my car.
To our moments of family roadtrips: "Who has the napkins??"
To Chris getting carsick
To sitting on laps and crouching in the trunk
To playing musical chairs
To driving out to the country and freaking ourselves out
To playing "Guess That Song" with my satellite radio
To losing, consistently, to Daniel at "Guess That Song"

The Borealis String Quartet came and we LOVE them, especially Sam, the cellist :)
"Oh, just be honest, we met in a bar!"
"Rehearsal tips? Yeah, try to show up sober..."
"There needs to be more...talking, more conversation, you know, like..when you're sitting shooting the shi*...oh, I'm sorry, I mean gossiping..."

These things literally got us all through the semester.

You can't see it very well, but that's a gummy bear. On the ceiling. Of the locker hall.
Are we proud? Absolutely.
"Haha! I wonder if we can get these things to stick..."
"I wonder how high I can throw my keys..?"
"Watch, it's gonna fall down right on Brother Call's heads."
"Nope, Brother Brower."

Mine and Kelsey's shower.
Are we five?
"Qua qua qua! Za za za! TONIGHT TONIGHT!"

The cello family, Spring 2011.
Plus Colin.
And Daniel.
And Spencer.

There are only a few things you need to know about this picture.
Dairy Queen.
"Well, I think I'm just going to go cut myself!"
"I've got AIDs...just found out yesterday..."
Fry Sauce Ice Cream

I love these two so much. Even though they make me wish I was married, too! :)
Otter Pops.
Star Trek.
A welcoming and awesome home.

And I am clearly not the only one who aspires to be like them.

Crazy sleepovers, in and outside of tents :)
"Eat Both Squares, Please."
"Whate'er, whate'er."
"No, no that is my LEAST favorite thing to do."
"And what an impression you've made!"
"I'm a high functioning socio-path...I don't understand how you keep forgetting that!"

Mormon Birthday Parties. They get crazy, y'all.

"They call me 'Ugly Matthew'."
"Did you know...that your lung is not located in your left shoulder?"
"Of all the creatures I've ever smelled, people....are the stinkiest."

Random things were consumed for lunch during Symphony break.
The quintessential Hot Pockets.
Fruit Snacks.
Sandwiches from the library.
PBJ&K (peanut butter, jelly and ketchup. I wish I was kidding. I really do.)
Cream of Wheat.
Garden Salsa Sun Chips

Really, shouldn't everything be done "Ferris Beuller-ly" ??

My awesome and adorable little cowboy standpartner, Mason. :)
Jim Gaffigan videos.
The Chicken Dance. No, not the one you usually think of. I'll post it later.
"Caliente Pocket..."
"You, my friend, have a gift!"
" I sit in it or eat it??"

Three of the most important men in my life right now. :) Haha, all jokes aside, I love these boys to death. I know they love me too, just probably not as much as they LOVE each other.


This kid is so great. New transfer from Florida, he fits in PERFECTLY with our crazy Snow Family.
"It's like someone just injected awkward, warm, watered-down honey into my brain and chest."

Plus he has one of the greatest laughs known to man. 

Some of the crazy people in my life. 

I love this chica! She's absolutely crazy, but absolutely awesome. One of my closest friends, and I honestly don't know what I'd do without her. 
"This is real, children! Oh, you poor ignoramus!!"

Like the Three Amigos...except WAY crazier and way more fun. 
"It's like a bunny on stilts!"
Our kids are totally going to be best friends someday. 
Love you guys!

Who ever could have guessed that these two would become such a huge part of my life? 
Certainly not me, the first time I met them.
Hermanos Lllamado?
"Si. Soy."
"Conejo blas, a donde vas con eso escopeta"

Spend 10 minutes trying to figure out how to take the picture yourself.
Then admit defeat and ask someone else to take it.
Drive to a cemetery and a dark park late at night. Discuss quick, dark water, sharks, stars, and tender connections :)
Recipe for an Awesome Night
A tribute to the nights we promised to remember--because we can never forget--, doing the things others will never understand, forming friendships that are too deep to be broken.

Here's to random road trips to beautiful places

To places like the Mangy Moose.

To things that remind us of the people we love.

To crazy ideas that definitely should be shared with the world.

Most importantly, here's to intense, meaningful, and special musical experiences.

A few pieces of advice:
Never, never, NEVER leave your Facebook unattended.
...But always look forward to Facebook wording things in a totally awesome way.

Always watch for Daniel.
No, really.
You never know where he is (behind the building, in the back of your car, around the corner, on the ground, in the middle of the street), what window he'll crawl through, what photo he'll creep in, or how long he'll stand behind you before you see him and freak.

Try to wear the same colors as the people around you.
It's cool.
No, really.

Understand that crazy things are going to happen. People are going to stare. And some are going to be mildly concerned.
Just go with it.
It's way more fun.

Let yourself eat cake.
Even if it's force-fed to you.

Accept the fact that, as a music major, you never leave the Snow Building.
So you might as well get comfortable there.

Celebrate the little things in the biggest ways :)

It has been an incredible semester.
I've learned, I've grown, I've been blessed. I've spent crazy nights laughing until my side was black and blue. I've met people who have changed me and who will be a part of my life forever. I've stressed, I've ranted, I've cried and laughed and screamed, commiserated and listened and about went completely crazy.
These things will never happen exactly the same way again. Things have already changed and will continue to change. But if nothing else, during this semester, I've learned that things will generally work out for the best. 
I've learned that it isn't always easy to accept the Lord's plan for you life; but listening and obeying will always bring the blessings you need the most.

Here's to the memories of this semester, both good and bad. These past few months have been crazy.

And I look forward to many more nights, months, and semesters full of this type of crazy.

Ay, caray, life is ridiculous. But oh so good. :)

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