Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Addictive Personality: August

I fall for things hard.

And, no, that's not just a lame slam against my lack of balance. 

I mean, for all intents and purposes, I have a very addictive personality.

Hmm...maybe that's not right. I don't mean to say that my personality is addictive, like, once you meet me, you can't get enough...that would be nice, though...

I guess I mean to say that I get easily addicted to things. 
That really doesn't sound as cool as an "addictive personality"
But "addictive personality" isn't really accurate...

My point is this: I go from curiosity to interest to OBSESSED in seconds flat. 
And even though I don't ever lose the things I'm addicted to,
they sort of shuffle through.

It's kinda like how you can have a favorite song in the whole wide world and you'll listen to that song on repeat, or until you hear the whole album, for weeks, and take a break. 
You'll still listen to the song
You'll still sing along and dance like an idiot when it comes on
But you move it from the top of your playlist. 

Obviously, I get addicted to music easy, but I'm also a sucker for books, movies, TV shows, foods, drinks, socks, makeup styles, etc etc name it, I could probably get addicted to it. 

So what usually happens is I get into something, and then I'm all in for a while. If it's a movie, I'm all in to that movie for a few weeks, until it stops being new or relevant, and then I take a little break (or, actually, find the next flick to obsess over). If it's a TV show, I prefer starting from the beginning then zooming straight through to the series' end--or caught up to current episodes--and then I relax on it a little bit. If it's music, I fall for a certain genre or song and listen to it nonstop for a few weeks, then give that playlist a break for a while. 

See? That's not so weird, right? Everyone does that, right?

But I guess where I take it the extra mile is how invested I get. 
New Star Trek movie? Let's find the cast interviews, the promotional trailers, the Pinterest boards, the critical reviews, the cast biographies, etc, etc. 
New favorite band? Wikipedia of band members, and albums, and songs, and style, etc, etc.

And so on and so forth. 

And then once the heat of the moment :) is over, I cool off a little bit. I don't listen to the band as much, I don't watch the show as religiously, I don't scour the internet for reviews of the movie--but I will always love said band/show/movie. 

So, anyway, this happens so often, I thought I'd start documenting it. 
Because what are our personalities but a collection of obsessions and trends and interests?

I am addicted to:
  • TV SHOW: "Supernatural." Heard about for years now, finally decided to try it thinking I'd junk it in less than an episode--cuz I am SO not a scary-movie person--and then fell absolutely in love with it. Two good-looking brothers, sweet car, intense drama, laughs, adrenaline-pumping thrills, good storyline, couple of tears = all in. 
  • MUSIC: I am on a classic rock kick. Definitely inspired by above-mentioned tv obsession--although to be fair, when I was in 3rd/4th grade, I would listen to Kansas and Styx fanatically (thanks mom and dad). 
  • MUSIC: Score music from "Supernatural"--composers Jay Gruska & Christopher Lennertz. 
  • BAND/ARTISTS: Kansas, Survivor, Three Dog Night, Blood Sweat & Tears, Styx, Deep Purple, Rush, Asia, REO Speedwagon, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doobie Brothers, Foreigner, Blue Oyster Cult, Bad Company, Bon Jovi, Boston, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Tubes, Air Supply, Night Ranger, AC/DC, etc etc
  • SONGS: Carry On Wayward Son Kansas, The Wall Kansas, Eye of the Tiger Survivor, Shambala Three Dog Night, Renegade Styx, And When I Die Blood Sweat & Tears, Heat of the Moment Asia, Can't Fight This Feeling REO Speedwagon, Hot Blooded Foreigner, Burnin' For You Blue Oyster Cult, Bad Company Bad Company, Thunderstruck AC/DC, Highway to Hell AC/DC, More Than a Feeling Boston, She's a Beauty The Tubes, Long Long Way From Home Foreigner, Peace of Mind Boston, Sister Christian Night Ranger, All Out of Love Air Supply
  • FOOD: pie. not, like, the fruity-kind ( i don't really love apple pie ) but like the key-limes and the hershey's chocolate and the coconut cream and banana cream and oreo blast, etc etc. 
  • FOOD: Steak fries. 
  • DRINK: Lemonade. 
  • CLOTHES: t-shirt and jeans. Probably just cuz I'm getting it out of my system before I go into "teacher-mode" but I am lovin' me some comfy t-shirts. and goodness knows I have enough of them
  • tv show: (in lowercase letters cuz it's not as big of an obsession) "Bones." Also heard about it for years, cuz when people learn my name the #2 question (after "Isn't that a boy's name?) is "Have you seen the tv show Bones?" Also my nickname from college roommates, I figured I'd better check it out. LOVE what I've seen of it so far, and as soon as I'm all caught up with Addiction #1, I think I'm gonna go down this particular rabbit-hole
  • SOCKS: this is kinda an ongoing addiction, depending on weather and circumstance, but I'm loving the fuzzy socks right now. I know, it's summer and, even worse, it's VEGAS, but that's the thing. I turn the AC up cuz it's freaking hot, but then my feet freeze. thus the fuzzy socks. 
  • TECHNOLOGY: Okay, so on iPhones you can use these sticker things on Facebook chat, and there's different categories of them, and they just came out with MINION ones. I'm enjoying them far too much. You can actually, I've discovered, carry on a complete conversation using just minions and small captions. 
  • FOOD: Dark chocolate
  • FOOD: mushrooms. I really don't know where this came from, but I LOVE mushrooms. Stuffed, grilled, on a burger, in arroz con pollo, in a salad, what have you, I LOVE them. 
  • QUIRK: dancing (interpretively or AWESOMELY) to music while cleaning. While doing dishes is the best, really. But vacuuming also turns into a dance party if the right music is going. 
I think that's about it for now...
I know, "about it" and there's a TON of random stuff up there
But that's actually fairly tame for me.

I dunno. I sometimes hope that getting so addicted (especially to fictional things) demonstrates a desirable amount of empathy in my character...
...but it's probably more a demonstration of a strong amount of nerd/geek. 



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